Our youth ministry is for students in grades 7-12.  From September to June, we meet at the church weekly for games, food, and to study the Bible together.  The high school years can be tough, but we find that seeking God's guidance together and supporting one another can make all the difference in the world.  Check us out at  We look forward to having you join us every Friday from 7:30-9:30pm. 


Parents, we have a registration form and a one-time parental waiver that needs signing at the beginning of the school year and separate waivers for other events, depending upon the nature of the event and travel involved.  By completing the registration form, you consent to receiving weekly updates regarding youth group activities.


If you have any other questions, please contact the church at 204-242-2433

The youth did some paintings to depict their relationship with God. These are the paintings they did and the explanation of each of their vision and feelings.

My painting shows a fatherly figure holding hands with his daughter.  He is guiding her down a twisting path which represents life.  As you can see the path they have already walked is in black and white.  this shows how dark our life can be without God in our life.  Once God steps into the picture our future can be bright and colourful, as shown in the painting.  All in all my painting represents how beautiful our walk with Christ can be.- Mariah Hoeppner

My painting depicts how the Bible can be our shelter in inclement conditions.- Jason Johnston

I painted what I was thankful for that day.- Atia Hoeppner

The black and white hand represents every human hand, its full of sin while the colorful hand represents the hand of God who is full of life and love.  When you hold hands with God, it changes you.  Your sins and sorrows are taken away which is why the fingertips of the black and white hand are changing colours.- Kayla Grettum

God is in the front leading me as I sit behind Him.  God has control of the horse, my life, since He has the reins. - Krina Johnston

The knowledge of God represents this puzzle.  Every piece connected is a piece that you have learned about God. By the time the puzzle is complete, it means you are with God and have complete knowledge about him.  The red represents His blood, the white His resurrection and the black is the evil that keeps us from gaining that knowledge. - Samara Hoeppner

My painting represents the battle between good and evil and how there are ups and downs in your life but in the end it is up to you how you live your life.  No matter what situation you end up in God will always give you a way out and another chance. - Riley Johnston

My painting means that we are the people on the earth and God is overlooking us and taking care of us.  The cross is how He died for us to forgive our sins.- Noah Hoeppner

My painting shows a stormy winter sky while the birch tree reaches its arms up to the heavens.  God is teaching me about joy, even in the midst of hard times.  Just as trees of the field clap their hands, so too, should I praise Him.- Traci Johnston

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